Our Rates


Every project is unique...

Which is why we prefer to quote on a job by job basis. But to help you find a rough ballpark cost for your project, here are a few of our base rates that we use to build a quote.

If you're looking for a quote for your project, head over to our contact page or give Dan a call on 07835 748405.

Day rates are for a 10 hr day, half day rates are for up to 5 hrs. All prices include VAT. Expenses (transport, card stock etc) not included.



Shooting day rate: £550 per day / £350 half day

Two man crew, 4K/HD camera, lighting, sound and grips as appropriate.

Additional crew: £200 per day / £150 half day

Extra camera operators or production crew, used on multi-camera projects and larger shoots

Talent day rate: from £200 per day

Actors, presenters and voice over artists' rates may vary depending on their experience, although this is a good benchmark to work from.

Pre-production: £35 per hour

Pre-production services could include scriptwriting, storyboarding, project development, production planning, pre-visualisation and rehearsal and will vary depending on the project.

Post-production: £35 per hour

Post-production includes editing, audio mixing, colour correction/grading, graphics and encoding. Complex graphics, animations and custom music will likely incur additional costs.

All quotes include limited previews and corrections and final delivery of file(s) can be via server, USB thumb drive or disc (latter at extra cost). Project and footage will be archived where possible to allow for recommissions and updates.



Since showreel scenes are a more structured project, we use a much simpler pricing structure for them.

If you're looking to have a showreel scene produced for you, head over to our contact page or give Dan a call 07835 748405.

Single actor "monologue" scene: £360

A half day shoot with a two man crew, custom script and a simple edit. Great for actors just starting out and wanting a bit of material for their reel.

Two actor contemporary scene: £500

A single day shoot with a two man crew, custom script and weighted and/or clip edits. Our most popular package and the actors usually split the cost between them.

Two actor genre scene: from £500

As above, but where contemporary scenes have inexpensive locations and props etc, genre scenes may incur extra costs for location or costume hire, although we work with you to try and minimise this where possible.

Showreel editing: £120

You provide the footage and we'll do the rest!


Our Kit

Some people like to know what kit we use... well, like our rates, it varies. But unless we're hiring something particular in for a shoot, this is usually what we work with.

Cameras: JVC GY LS300 (Super35, 4K/HD cinema camera), Canon 70D (APS-C DSLR), Sony HVR Z1 (HD pro camcorder), Aputure VS-1 monitor, Neewer rail system and Fotga matte box

Lighting: CoolLights 1x1 LED panels, Blind Spot Gear Scorpion Lights (flexible, portable hard LEDs), stands, reflectors and portable green screen

Audio: Audio Technica AT835B rifle mic, Movo lav mic, Audio Technica ATH-M30X studio headphones, Panamic boompole and Rycote suspension mount

Grips: Manfrotto 501 tripod, B-Hague dolly and track, Neewer shoulder rig

Post-Production: 5K iMac running FCPX, Motion, Compressor, DaVinci Resolve and Hit Film