Enborne River was founded in 2009 by filmmaker and director Daniel J Brant to be a platform for his and his friends' fiction films. Their first project was the ambitious but short-lived scifi web series "The Collector's Room." The show was designed as an anthology series in the vein of classics like "The Twilight Zone" which meant that each episode was a self-contained story, making the show easier to produce on its limited budget. The show was well-received when it was released in 2010, but it was a lot of work and took time to produce so the show was halted after only a few episodes.

In order to finance and develop future projects, the company became more commercially focused, offering it's video production services to clients in the corporate and creative worlds. One of the more popular services was "ReelScenes" where actors looking for showreel material could get original scenes written, produced and edited to their specifications. What separated "ReelScenes" from other showreel companies was the tailor-made scripts, written to showcase the actors' abilities and made to look like they came from a bigger production. The actors would also be directed like they were in an actual show- something many showreel producers forgot to do.

Although Enborne River's early work was varied, covering everything from wedding end event videography to music and multi-camera gig videos, the company gradually started to specialise in using dramatic material- resulting in projects like Shokamo's "Bless of an Angel" music video. Fuelled by our continuing short film projects, a focus on storytelling developed and we started to see the benefit of dramatic narratives in all types of video work.