Showreel Scenes


For an actor starting out in today's market, a strong CV and some good headshots are not enough to land a role. Instead, it's all about the showreel- that's what directors, producers and casting directors look at first. And when you start out, you don’t really have one…

But it’s not just new actors that have this problem. Once you’ve got an agent, you often quickly get typecast based on the reel you have or have to play roles that really don't show your abilities to their full.

Many actors do unpaid work just to get suitable material for their showreel but sometimes the films you put all your effort in to are substandard or they take so long to be completed that it's just not worth waiting for.

This is where we come in. We write, plan, shoot, direct and edit scenes tailor-made for you, your skills and what you want to achieve.

We direct you and put your performance front and centre.

We direct you and put your performance front and centre.

So why work with us?

Every script is custom written. No off-the-shelf or easily-recognised famous scripts re-imagined here! We write to your talents, to the character you want to play and to the resources available. We also design your scene as if it's part of something bigger- like a feature film or TV series. Not only does this allow you to create a richer performance with a backstory and an arc, but casting directors get to see you in what feels like a bigger show.

Every scene is directed by an experienced director. We don't just roll camera and let you get on with it like some showreel companies do- you’ll get actual direction from an actual director who wants to get the best performance out of you for your reel.

And we don't hide from challenging genre material- if you want a Jane Austen style period piece or a cop show or a Dr Who-esque scifi scene, we're more than happy to oblige! 

Even wartime costume dramas are possible!

Even wartime costume dramas are possible!


All our showreel shoots include a two man crew- usually a Director/DoP and an AD/Sound Recordist. A photographer can also be booked for the shoot to take production headshots at extra cost. All our showreel scenes are filmed and mastered in 4K so you have as much future use out of them as possible.

Single actor "monologue" scene: £360

A short day shoot with a two man crew, custom script and a simple edit. Great for actors just starting out and wanting a bit of original material for their reel.

Two actor contemporary scene: £550

A single day shoot with a two man crew, custom script and weighted and/or clip edits. Our most popular package and the actors usually split the cost between them.

Two actor genre scene: from £550

As above, but where contemporary scenes have inexpensive locations and props etc, genre scenes may incur extra costs for location or costume hire, although we work with you to try and minimise this where possible.

Showreel editing: £120

You provide the footage and we'll do the rest!