Corporate and Industrial Videos


Corporate videos are often seen as dull and uninspiring- even by those that need them.

But they don’t have to be…

You still have an audience you want to reach and engaging them on an emotional or intellectual level is just as important with a corporate video as it is with a fiction film. And story is the key.

Corporate videos, at first glance, may not seem like they have or need a story- they’re there to inform, educate and engage, after all, rather than entertain. But things are made much more effective when you include storytelling elements like relatable characters, emotional hooks and narrative progression…

Case Study - IRI Recruitment Video

IRI provide sales data analytics for major retail businesses and have a number of tools and software platforms they sell to help their clients process the vast amounts of information they work with.

They wanted a simple video they could put on their website and push on social media to aid their upcoming recruitment drive. For many potential new employees, big data might seem like a daunting environment in which to work, so IRI wanted to break down that barrier and make it feel accessible. They also wanted to encourage people with more industry experience to join them and wanted to highlight their career development programmes and flexibility as an employer. Above all, they wanted to emphasise that IRI was a great place to work.

In our experience as filmmakers, the best way to make an effective recruitment video is to focus on the people- both the potential employees watching and the people already working at IRI. This way, the employees could share their personal stories of working at the company and our audience could find them and their experiences relatable. The video would essentially be a series of PTCs (Pieces To Camera) where the employees talk about what they do and what they like about working there. 

It was important that they do this in their own words rather than try to read from a script or fit in as many corporate buzzwords as possible. This is often something that corporate clients struggle with since years of marketing training has taught them that keywords and phrases are important to brand identity, but with video it’s necessary to minimise it so that the individuals come across as natural and honest as possible. There’s no bigger turn-off for an audience than someone who’s spouting jargon in a cadence that isn’t theirs. 

With the help of the client, we pulled together a varied group of people from across the business to represent the broad spectrum of people working at IRI. The rest of the video was made up of sequenced B-roll- supporting footage of the environment and the people that work there, including the interviewees.

By focusing on the people, we were essentially presenting characters to the audience and just like in a fiction film, we wanted the audience to find these characters relatable and honest and thus empathise with their experiences and points of view, so that they came away thinking that IRI would be a great place for them to work as well.

Their recruitment drive was a resounding success, including a huge turnout for their careers open day, and the video was incorporated into a number of their job adverts for major recruitment platforms. And because of the person-centric focus of the piece, the video can likely be used again on future campaigns without the need to make changes or re-edit.