Video Gallery

Here you can find a selection of some of our previous work, ranging from corporate and music videos to actors showreel scenes and fiction shorts. There's even a glimpse at our early web series work!


Silver street studios - bruce neil "A-side"

Silver Street Studios are a recording and rehearsal studio and they're very artist focused. To promote what they do, they asked us to put together a series of videos showcasing some of their recent clients, but more importantly, having the story be from the artist's point of view. Bruce Neil was recording his EP with them and was a perfect fir for the project. The "A-Side" video is very much his story in his own words, whereas the "B-Side" focuses on his experience recording a track in the studio.


Shokamo - "Bless of an angel"

A story-based music video produced for musician Shokamo. Shokamo wrote the song to honour a friend of his who'd recently died and wanted to have a music video that told a fictionalised version of her story. The final video is a combination of story sections, brilliantly performed without dialogue by actors Yvonne Wan and Robin March, and performance sequences of Shokamo singing. The song's lyrics act in place of dialogue, allowing the story to be very visual and conveying the emotion in the performances and cinematography by DP Ashley Duckerin.


Behind the scenes of "Bless of an angel"

A short documentary made alongside the "Bless of an Angel" shoot, produced as a special extra for those who had helped fund Shokamo's IndieGogo campaign to make the music video. The documentary discusses the story behind the song and the process of making the video- from storyboarding and cinematography to the challenges of acting without dialogue. 


Dead meet

Enborne River's award-winning* short film about a lonely assassin going on a date with a guy she met online. Combines elements of black comedy and pathos with Hong Kong-inspired action sequences. Starring Francesca L White, Reuben Williams and Dean Williams as "Anderson." 

*"Best Performance - Francesca L White" - Starburst Media City Festival 2018, "Best Actress (short) - Francesca L White" - Artemis Film Festival 2018


Showreel scene - "The Strangest of hearts"

A showreel scene made for Emily Swatton and Miranda Magee. The actors wanted to have an English period piece on their reels, so we wrote an original script with a full plot and backstory and sourced an appropriate location to film in. The dialogue is written in the dramatised style of the period and the whole project was shot like a BBC costume drama, using wide coverage and strong close ups.


SHOWREEL SCENE - "Plain jane"

A contemporary drama showreel scene written and produced for actors Emma Vincent and Liam James. Both actors wanted an opportunity to demonstrate their northern accents on screen and we wrote a witty argument scene for them to work with. Shot in a friend's gym one evening, the scene was made to look like it could've come from a channel 4 style drama series with predominately handheld cinematography and big close ups. As with all ReelScenes projects, the script had a full backstory and the actors were directed throughout the scene.


the collector's room

"The Collector's Room" was a sci-fi anthology web series we created in 2009. Inspired by "The Twilight Zone" and similar shows, each episode was a self-contained story, bookended by introductions by the eponymous Collector to make the series feel more connected. Many of the actors we worked with on "The Collector's Room" worked with us again on later projects and the show, while short-lived, set the standard for what could be achieved on a limited budget. This playlist includes all three half-hour episodes of the show.